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Ten Ways Your Church and Convention can (actually) Support Women in Ministry

If you are wondering how you or your church can help the cause of women in ministry in Texas, we would like to offer ten ways that you can demonstrate your support.

  1. Converse with a woman in ministry. Better yet, buy her lunch and listen to the story of her experiences as a woman in ministry. Be as generous and respectful as you would to any other pastor, minister, or preacher.

  2. Call her pastor. If you are into titles and love to call people Reverend or Doctor or Pastor, etc., then call her pastor.

  3. Invite women to lead. Make an intentional decision to invite women to preach, teach, and present at all co-ed events. This includes convention events as well as annual meetings, leadership conferences, preaching conferences, etc.

  4. Pay her well. Women in ministry should be paid equitably to the men in ministry at your church. Consider her experiences, education, and value to the church.

  5. Feature churches with female pastors. Churches with women in ministry should be highlighted as examples of God’s faithfulness to the next generation. This includes social media, e-newsletters, and written publications as well as in committee meetings.

  6. Create new policies. Consider the differences that women in ministry have compared to men in ministry. Create new family leave policies as well as policies on yearly sexual harassment training and how misconduct will be handled.

  7. Consider her spouse. When events are created, name the events without gender in order to be inclusive to her spouse. For example, “Pastors and Spouses Appreciation Luncheon” instead of “Pastors and Wives.”

  8. Speak up and speak up boldly. When men stand up and speak violently about women in ministry, especially at conventions, stand up and speak out boldly against language that denigrates the imago dei and which incites division. Passive support is not enough.

  9. Provide pathways to employment. For every little girl sitting in the pew of a Texas Baptist church, create shadowing and internship opportunities in all areas of ministry. Celebrate and highlight young women who receive a call to ministry. Provide scholarships and leadership opportunities for her. Invite female seminary students to preach on a regular basis. Then, ensure that when she graduates from seminary, that she has a job in a Texas Baptist church that will fully embrace her.

  10. Evaluate your table. Use a church consultant and other resources to evaluate how well your church or convention is implementing its stated values on women in ministry. When discrepancies are found between professed and enacted values, build a new one where women as well as people of various backgrounds are equal architects. This can be as simple as rethinking the way your church does baptisms and communion to something more challenging like having equal representation of men and women in the leadership of your convention.

If you or your church needs or wants help with any of these items, please reach out. TXBWIM is here to help you.

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