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Women in Leadership at CBF Annual Gathering

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

In my family of origin, we greeted each other with an alliterative and unique greeting at the beginning of every month. So if it was February, my mom might greet us on February 1st with a hearty, "Fantastic February!" to which my dad would respond "Futuristic February!" Then it would be up to my sister and I to each come up with our own good wishes for the family that also started with an "f." As the youngest in my family it was always hard for me to come up with one I was both happy with and wasn't an iteration of one of my family member's ideas.

It's a tradition that my husband and I integrated into our family rituals so this morning, my son greeted me with an enthusiastic, "Jubilant July" as he stretched and yawned after just waking up from his first night's sleep in his own bed in several days. It made me smile from ear to ear. And so I greet you too, TXBWIM Family, with a spirited, "Joyful July!"

This week I had the joy of attending the CBF General Assembly in Atlanta where women were affirmed in their ministries and friends, both old and new, were in plentiful supply. I felt supported, affirmed, and inspired in my role as a women in ministry and saw women leading in every role during worship, business meetings, and workshops. For a further report on what all I experienced this week, read my debrief found in our July 2023 newsletter.

I know that it is easy to hear many voices quite loudly these days expressing views that can feel oppressive, hurtful, and demeaning to women in ministry, but friends, I want you to know that there are so many churches and organizations and individuals that support and affirm and advocate for the role of women in ministry. We are not alone! You are not alone! You are loved and worthy and awesome! And we are here to support you! Maybe you have been toying with the idea of coming to one of our area conferences but haven't bought your ticket yet. I encourage you to take that step for yourself today so that you can connect with a group of people in Texas that affirms you, believes in you, and stands with you. Maybe you have been thinking about joining TXBWIM as a member but haven't actually clicked and made it official. I encourage you to become a member today. You will get free access to one area conference this year AND you can become a part of our brand new members-only FB group called Leaning In. We have our first conversation coming at the end of August and I'd love for you to be a part of forming this group to be the most beneficial resource for every woman involved. TXBWIM will have a booth at the BGCT/Texas Baptists Convention in McAllen this month. If you are planning to be there, I hope you will connect with me and tell me about you and your ministry context and how you see God at work in the world around you. As always, my inbox ( is always open and I'd love to hear from you anytime. May the One who is Joy fill you with joy until it overflows into the world around you, bringing laughter, comfort, connection, and peace to all whom you encounter. Rev Jill Hudson

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