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What are WIMTalks? 

WIM talks are intended to be similar in style to a Ted talk—delivering information and inspiration in a personal format. We will have 4 WIM talks during the afternoon session, each being 10-12 minutes and utilizing the theme of “Woven Together” as a starting point to develop a topic.

What are the guidelines for WIMTalks? 

  • WIMTalks are personal, they take the listener on a journey. 

  • WIMTalks are concise (no longer than 12/13 minutes). Presenting only one idea, concept, or interpretation in a short and easily digestible format that allows us to share in one another’s knowledge. 

  • WIMTalks connect the speaker and the audience to one another by teaching the listener something new and in ways that won’t be forgotten. 

  • WIMTalks are not based on a scripture text, but a single idea that you are passionate about sharing. 

  • WIMTalks should be memorized as much as possible and can only be presented with notecards. (No exceptions!) 

  • WIMTalks must be presented without any audiovisual support. 

  • WIMTalks may not contain a sales pitch or promotion of any kind. 


What is the process for presenting a WIMTalk? 

1.  Submit your WIMTalk Proposal to the planning team at this google form, click on this link.

  • Know what your one idea is and why you think it matters.

  • Note that you will have 12-13 minutes maximum to present your WIMTalk. 

  • You will be notified by January 17 if your WIMTalk was chosen. 


2.  Work to memorize your presentation as much as possible and practice to perfect  your presentation in time to present your WIMTalk before Baptist Women in Ministry Conference 2019. 


3.  Present your WIM Talk at the Texas Baptist Women in Ministry Conference 2019. 


4.  Be prepared to stay in the room to answer questions and discuss your ideas with others in the room that heard you speak. 


You can use the following resources to help prepare and plan your WIM Talk.  


TED Talks: The Official Guide to Public Speaking. Chris Anderson 

How to Deliver a TED Talk. Jeremy Donovan 

Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds. Carmine Gallo 

How to Create your TED Talk: An 8 Step Process ( 

10 Ways to prepare for a TED Style Talk Nancy Duarte

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